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Translate it once and keep it in mind forever.

Translation and game examples

1. Read

With stickly by your side, reading a text in a foreign language is getting more comfortable than ever. Your multilinguistic companion is with you in every situation to help you out.

2. Translate

Don’t lose your reading flow.
Stickly gives you a translation for the specific context right on the spot where you need it.

3. Memorize

Stickly collects all your unknown words in a personal vocab book and creates your adaptive gaming experience that ensures each word is going to stick in your mind.

Context-aware translations

A word can have more than one translation. Stickly considers the whole sentence and always finds the best translation for your context.

One word with many meanings

Challenge yourself while reading

Words you translated will be highlighted whenever you read them again. After a while, stickly tests the memory of your new word with an inline quiz, right on the article you're reading. It's your personal spaced repetition, where you need it, when you need it.

Example of an inline web quiz
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Learn through games

Have you ever wondered why it's 2024, but language apps and vocabulary trainers still use the same methods you know from your school textbooks? Connect the right words, fill the gap, you've seen them all. We wondered as well.

Stickly feels more like a game than a chore. A game that helps with your fluency in the language you need to learn faster. And this is just the beginning, follow us on our journey towards language mastery!

Vocabulary learning game

Repeat with flashcards

Have you ever had a deja-vu feeling when translating the same word another time? It's not just you: Most translations are forgotten immediately. Stickly automatically creates flashcards from your translations and uses spaced repetition to stick them to your active vocabulary. You can also export your words and use anki, if you prefer.


Hi, I'm Alex!

I'm the creator of stickly. A few years ago, I was struggling to express myself in English. I did most of my research and some of my work in English, but whenever I tried to speak, I just couldn't find the words I needed. I was a german in my mid-20s, but I talked English like a young child. I wanted to be able to hold an elaborate conversation and express myself deeply and precisely.

I used dictionaries and translators all the time, but forgot those words as soon as I closed the tab. They barely became a part of my vocabulary, and my slow progress frustrated me.

A few friends and me started looking into the topic. We learned that most people look a word up multiple times until they learn it, and we found a lack of tools to help us streamline the vocabulary acquisition process in an engaging way. Duolingo is highly engaging, but it only helps you start a new language. Once you reach a medium proficiency and start reading in your target language, it becomes inefficient. What words should you learn? There are hundreds of thousands of words in a modern language. Your environment and your interests determine which vocabulary is relevant for you, and what's a waste of your time and energy.

Stickly was born to give people like us a tool to learn the right words faster. To turn every single word we translate into a productive part of our vocabulary. To play with languages. I want stickly to spark joy whenever you discover a word and to make them stick.

Made for you with ❤️ by Alex